MCS VC: Power of Two

Power of Two
Indigo Girls

Now the parking lot is empty, Everyone's gone someplace...
This Virtual Choir rendition features the different generations of women of MCS, who are performing from different parts of the globe. Altos and sopranos who are medical professionals, educators, practicing lawyers, working in corporate and finance, successful entrepreneurs, while saving the day as mothers, sisters, and daughters.
Power of Two is the 5th track from Swamp Ophelia (1994) by the Indigo Girls.
This all-female arrangement by Robert Delgado, commissioned by MCS in 2002, has always been a favorite at MCS' concerts. Every batch of singers would have a story about it — amusing, (un)forgettable, heartwarming. This virtual choir project also brings back memories when the men of MCS would step back and make way for the ladies who would then take the spotlight.
Mabel Cruz - a pioneer soprano of MCS - is singing her signature solo from Dubai, joined by a current soprano, Egelmar Dalupang from Bulacan, Philippines.

Adding up the total of a love that's true. Multiply life by the power of two.
Let this rendition remind us that we have the power within to uplift everyone around us, and that as long as we are with the person/s we love, nothing else matters.
- DK ZM (Alto 2)
Solo: Mabel Cruz
Guitar Accompaniment: Szaby Grünwald
Sound Engineer: Aji Manalo
Video Editor: Mark Renn Caluag
Production Head: Jojo Caparas
Production Team: Alej UyIzha LaoJasper Marquez, Novéras Jules, Philip G SalvadorRedge Nicolas, Steffi Marie Maravillas

MCS VC: The Road Home

So grateful to be a part of this

“There is no such beauty as where you belong.
Rise up, follow me, I will lead you home.”


This Is How Democracy Dies

This is how democracy dies in the 21st century: in a musty courtroom, with a judge invoking Mandela. There are no power grabs in the dead of night, no tanks rolling down the streets, no uniformed officers taking over TV stations. Just the steady drip, drip, drip of the erosion of democratic norms, the corruption of institutions, and the cowardly compromises of decision makers in courts and congresses.

Republic Act No. 10592 Malinaw naman RA 10592, Section 1: “Provided, finally, That recidivists, habitual delinquents, escapees and ??????? ??????? ???? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????? from the coverage of this Act.”

‘CRIMES TOO GRAVE’: Sanchez’s bid for clemency junked by pardons board in 2019

Just another manufactured issue made to distract the people from the real problems and for people to forget our dear leader’s empty election promises. Alam naman ng Justice Secretary yung legal process pero binalita agad nila na mare-release na si Mayor Sanchez. Pinaglalaruan lang nila emotion ng mga tao