What if ‘politically motivated’?

What if ‘politically motivated’?:

"Vice President Binay should answer this question: How, on the basis of his salary as a mayor, which he had been for most of the years since 1986, could he finance a mayoral, congressional and vice presidential campaign all at the same time (2010); and a senatorial, congressional and mayoral campaign soon after (2013)? The Supreme Court applied a test to Ferdinand and Imelda: It added up their incomes in their various government positions, and compared them with the value of their acquisitions. It was on that basis that they declared the couple to have unexplained wealth.

Will Vice President Binay pass the test?” The favourite defense of politicians to charges against them is that they are “politically motivated.” And therefore not to be given credence. Correction: The favorite defense of politicians to charges against them, especially when they cannot answer the charges, is that they are politically motivat…

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