Raissa Robles

Raissa Robles:

Dissent if you must, but please know the facts then form your own opinion. H’wag magpadala ng basta basta To my colleagues in media,

I seem to find myself this time on the opposite side of the fence from you on the issue of DAP.

I find myself not being able to support your stance that Pres. Aquino did wrong on DAP.

I believe the Administrative Code of 1987 legalized DAP.

Just as I believe the Cybercrime Law is a very bad law and needs to be struck down completely and re-enacted.

You must think I am very presumptuous doing what I’m doing, seeing as I am not a lawyer. How can I go against the Supreme Court which is THE ONE which decides the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of the laws of the land?

This is borne out of my previous investigations on how our laws are framed. On how the 1973 Constitution, in particular, was declared legitimate by our Supreme Court. When it was not. (I had the privilege of doing a 13-part investigative series on this for Business Day and interviewing all the key players, including the constitutional convention president Diosdado Macapagal.)

Because the Supreme Court declared the 1973 Constitution legally ratified - when it was not - the dictator Marcos was able to rule and devastate this country for 14 years. Marcos used the Rule of Law and the Supreme Court to make oppression legal.

What am I driving at? That the Court can err, too.

That we have a problem of conflicting laws in our hands. A problem that only the Court can disentangle.

That PNoy used a law that allowed him to juggle funds is a separate issue. That law should have been struck down years ago but it was not. Don’t you wonder why it was not?

I also find it funny that a lot of people have been sighing for a Lee Kuan Yew. A strong leader who made up laws as he went for the good of his country.

But when you have someone like PNoy being accused of doing just that - even if it’s for the good of his country - people start shouting him down and telling him you can’t do that. You have to follow the rule of law.

In this country, you and I know the rule of law is highly debatable.

We debate everything.And that is healthy, too, for a democracy.

Still, Filipinos have to make up their minds as to the kind of leader they want. What powers he can wield. And how he should be answerable for using those powers.

For me, this is what the DAP issue is all about. -


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