IAM – So We May Never Forget

IAM - So We May Never Forget:

Open Letter to ICSB alumni, from Msgr. Pablo S. Legaspi. Syempre may mention sa ting IAM alumni:

Please read the message from our Father Rector.
Dear Icons,
Pax et Bonum!
The fire incident that gutted our elementary and high school edifices last June 13 was very unfortunate. However, we were still consoled by the fact that other structures within the vicinity especially the Basilica Minore of the Immaculate Conception and the Chancery Office were spared; but most importantly it did not happen during class hours less it would have caused severe trauma and physical injuries to our little brother and sister ICONS.
We appreciate the outpouring of support and expression of willingness to help in rebuilding our elementary edifice in the main campus. we were flooded also with a lot of suggestions and offer of help. Every ICON, even the alumni and alumnae of the former Immaculata Academy of Malolos expressed their support and readiness to help in whatever way possible.
In response to this, we have launched a fund drive for the building of the ICSM Elementary Main which we shall call the ICSB-ICSM Jubilee Construction Project. We have opened two bank accounts (peso and dollar) for those who would like to make any donation. They may also get in touch with our Finance Office at ICSB, Malolos. We have also put up an officialE-mail address larsrossfe@yahoo.com so that donors can sendus a copy of their deposit slips so we can acknowledge them with official receipts.
In this regard, we appeal to your generous hearts dear ICONS. For the past 25 years this has been home to all of you. Let us join hands in making a new home for future ICONS so they can make fond memories as you did when you were still studying in this hallowed place we all call Alma Mater, our second home. We enjoin you to support this noble cause by making monthly pledges or financial contribution. You know that your Alma Mater cared for you so much when you were still student ICONS. We believe you also love her in return. This is one of the rare moments we ask you to return her the favor. This will be your gift not just to her but also to the future generations.
At the moment, this is the simplest and most effective way to help our Alma Mater. Let us focus all our attention and efforts on our Fund Drive for maximum results. Please encourage your friends, colleagues and other alumnae of ICSM and alumni of ICSB especially those who have stable work/income to make their donations and monthly pledges to the ICSB-ICSM Jubilee Construction Project. I believe that if the 2,355 strong ICONS who expressed intention to help would support and make financial contributions to this cause, this project will be finished in record time.
We have also put up a billboard outside our campus at the Cathedral. You would be of great assistance in disseminating the said information regarding our ICSB-ICSM Jubilee Construction Project.
We count on you ICONS. Thank you and God bless you all!
Sincerely yours in Christ,

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