Cadet Cudia and Honor in the Philippines

Cadet Cudia and Honor in the Philippines:

"As I see the persistence of Cadet Cudia, his refusal to accept the findings of the Honor Committee as accurate or fair, his willingness to speak out and even take his case directly to President Aquino, I’m inclined to think I’d rather have him in the foxhole with me than the members of the Honor Committee who grasp intellectual rules and obedience, but evidently not heart.
And what is hard to say… but I think, therefore, I say … For the matter of a few minutes of time and confusing circumstance, the members of the Honor Committee sacrificed a buddy. They did not dive on the grenade for him, for sure. They could not figure out a way to punish short of expulsion.” I will presume that readers know generally about the case of Cadet First Class Aldrin Jeff Cudia and probably have an opinion about the Philippine Military Academy’s endorsement of the student Hono…

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