A Testimony from a Volunteer

Post by Junep Ocampo:

A TESTIMONY FROM A VOLUNTEER… From the post of Anton Ng on OPLAN HATID page…

Just wanted to share this story that happened this morning at the Villamor Air Base. A dispatch volunteer announced that they need an Oplan Hatid volunteer to bring 14 evacuees to Baguio. There was a moment of silence. Then the volunteers erupted to applause as a volunteer raised his hand. That volunteer is neither from Baguio nor he has a family there. It was just from the goodness of his heart. Then another Oplan Hatid volunteer went to the front and handed 2 gasoline vouchers to the volunteer driving to Baguio. The gasoline vouchers amount to P1,500. However, the volunteer’s van can only accommodate 7 evacuees so another van is needed. Seeing that nobody is volunteering, the dispatch volunteer suggested that why not raise the bus fare of the remaining 7 evacuees. In less than a minute, P9,000 was raised. God is truly at work.

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