Not contributing to the negativity

Post by Cito Beltran:

Not contributing to the negativity is the least we could all do. That is my pledge. Dear Friends on Facebook,
Please be careful about re-posting and commenting on stuff that has been coming out even if they are from friends or relatives particularly of a political nature. As an opinion writer and Journalist I have repeatedly found myself being “innocently asked” or requested to write commentaries about certain “bad” or non-performing” individuals or situations. I even get photos of supposed “Epals” on relief goods.

After careful checking I figured out that the requests were made by people paid,hired, or salaried by PR firms,were political consultants or propaganda units from different sides. It is easy to photo shop, reproduce images, print them and make them into what they are not. I have also discovered that some of the “personal testimony” from people coming out of “Hell” or disaster areas can be exaggerated perhaps from shock and awe. Patiently interviewing them has often revealed a different and truthful accounting.

The problem is we are now becoming very divided because of these people and their handiwork. I have been guilty of sharing or believing such “posts” and first hand accounts, I now choose to be more careful. Please ask yourself if what you are about to share, post or comment on is accurate, truthful or useful. How we individually feel about government is one thing, it should never ever change how we feel about each other as “Friends” whether on Facebook or in everyday life.

If you share my sentiments please do me the favor of sharing this if only to save friendships and the social and not political nature of Facebook for Filipinos in particular and Netizens in general. May your days be long ones filled with true Joy and real “friends”. God Bless.

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