Cynthia J. Patag

Cynthia J. Patag:

"Stop the noise please
August 30, 2013 at 10:39am
Janet Napoles’ surrender came after PNoy announced a P10-million bounty for information leading to her arrest.

A lot of anti-PNoy like pro-GMA trolls and pro-pork barrel scam lawmakers have unleashed polluted remarks regarding the surrender and detention of JanetNapoles to destabilize the credibility if not the competence of PNoy in having the No.1 fugitive in our country NOW under police custody.

Napoles is classified as a high risk suspect. The crime she committed is of national importance. You do not accord routine security measures accorded to ordinary criminals to a suspect like Janet Napoles. A breach of security could endangered if not ‘wipe out’ the life of Janet Napoles which instantly could paralyze the prosecution of the guilty pork scam lawmakers. If that happens, whom will they blame? PNoy AGAIN?

With the diligent initiatives from the Palace, they were able to negotiate the surrender of Napoles a few hours after Napoles lawyer made remarks on media that Napoles is willing to surrender as long as her safety is assured.

By accomodating to the request, government has saved P10M of taxpayers money for the reward for her capture. If PNoy did not accomodate the request and Napoles remains at large? And the hunt continues, whom will they blame? PNoy AGAIN?

The decision to subject Napoles to an escalated security detail from the Heritage Park to Palace to Camp Crame is a judgement call of the President. PNoy must make sure that Napoles is safe and secured at all cost and by all means.

“It’s to emphasize to everybody (that) it’s important for her to stay alive.”-PNoy

The decision to isolate Napoles from other detainees and placed Napoles to a safer small air-conditioned room with a small couch and desk and guarded 24/7 inside by 2 female guards is a security control measure adopted to neutralize the imminent danger of being exposed to death threats from criminal elements inside a common jail area. If Napoles is killed inside common prison jail, whom will they blame? PNoy AGAIN?

We will lose our opportunity to prosecute and imprison all guilty pork scam lawmakers if every action the government executes on Napoles is subject to noisy theoretical criticisms and grandstanding speculations.

"Let the ‘hunt for the truth’ begin following the surrender and detention of Janet Napoles."

Stop the noise please. ” — My Comments : Think first

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