Anonymous Incorporated

Anonymous Incorporated:

"The comment at momahdpopmoments dated 8/19 2:36 PM are them.

AUGUST 19, 2013 AT 2:36 PM (EDIT) We, Anonymous, have been telling all of you where and how to find Napoles but you never listened. For the last time, these are facts:

1. Look for Jejomar Binay and you will find the whole Napoles famiy. Jaime Napoles have been secretly meeting with the VP for exit strategy and where to hide since July 2013. Binay and Jaime are fraternal brothers in the ALPHA PHI OMEGA Fraternity. Find Binay and you will catch Janet.

2. Look for MR. JOSE “JUN” PARENO, the COO of Discovery Suites and you will find the whole Napoles family. Jose is the COO of Discovery, the hotel is owned by the Tiu family who has a coal business in Indonesia. One of the daughters of Tiu is the girlfriend of James Napoles, Janet Napoles’ eldest son. Find Jose and you will find Janet.

3. If they are not in Discovery Suites, they must be hiding at Shangrila Hotel in Ortigas.

4. How futile the August 26th demonstration will be if all of you are in Luneta and the people that you are trying to locate are all hiding in Ortigas? As early as August 9th, we have already advise everyone on the internet of their location. We as anonymous can only do as much but, we as a nation can capture them all.

These are the facts, it is time for all of you to move NOW and TODAY. Don’t wait until the 26th. They may be long gone on that day. ” — My Comments :

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