hello goodbye

im bored!

it seems to me that there really isn’t anything of significance happening to my life as of the moment; like everything else is just passing me by. all my friends are either getting married, having a baby, moving overseas and “moving on”. they’re all making big decisions and milestones, something to remember this period in their lives, while i sit silently by the roadside waiting in my trivial moment.

about a month ago, doc jojo texted me asking me if i can join them for a singing engagement. he told me they’ll be singing one song and that they need all the support from all the inactive members so i replied “why not?”. Yes! why not? i know i miss singing and i surely miss singing with MCS. i actually never thought that i’ll be singing again with this group. as i said before, they’ve already shifted gears and i have changed lanes. they’re in a bigger league now, learning and singing songs for big european competitions and im not sure if i can handle that. i admit that rejoining MCS has been in my mind for quite some time now. i’ve already missed two european tours and i would really love to be part of next year’s touring group. when i told polly, another MCS alumna, that im going to sing with MCS for that one gig, she said “Dahling! matagal na nila hinihintay ang ‘yong pagbabalik.” whoa! PRESSURE!!!

well, last sunday was the day of the gig and there were 3 other songs we had to sing. the crowd were quite impressed. the delight and applause you get after a performance surely gets you wanting more. now i have to make a decision. maybe before the year ends, when i get more stability going, i’ll finally be able to join them. right now, im still unsure of my priorities.

two mondays ago, i had to bid farewell to one of my dearest and truest friend jenny. we call each other “partner”. she was almost always my partner in every class project we had in college. it was convenient because since we were both very active in the college choir, our schedules would always match. you could say she was my “wingwoman”. even after college, singing and touring with MCS, she was always there to watch my back. she was always there to save my ass.

me and my angels the night before jen’s flight:
ech, jen and mau, they kept me sane in college

so when i got a message from her asking me to wish her good luck for her flight the next day, i felt really sad. she’s leaving and i know that i should really be happy for her. she will finally be able to be with her fiancé and marry him. we all know of their plans, but i guess i never truly realized that she’s leaving until that day. we had to meet her even just to say goodbye, so together with two of our other closest friends in college, we met her, had dinner, then said goodbye.

to partner: thanks for all the great things you shared with me. i know my life have been so much more pleasant because you were always there. i wish you and izel all the best.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/br6jxrcQ4-w" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

this goes out to jenny and to all my other friends who are moving on.
from one of the best cover artists i found in youtube, go check out some of his other covers.


a pretty girl once said “you’ll never discover the world if you don’t get out of your golden cage.” ….maybe i will.



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