Bush, Bin Laden and Ramos

i was all over michael moore’s [fahrenheit 9/11] web site checking out interesting facts and notes about his award winning documentary when i came accross an entry about the Carlyle Group, a private equity fund where George HW Bush and the Bin Laden’s have miliions of dollars in investments . then i remember that i have once read about this carlyle thing in some local paper and it’s was about former president Ramos, so i did a google search on this keywords “carlyle group” +ramos and bingo, our former leader is a part of the New World Order! (see this Meet the Carlyle Group). it may also be interesting if not freaky to know that the carlyle group was holding its annual investor conference on the morning of 9/11, George HW Bush and Shafiq bin Lades, Osama’s half-brother were all together in one room, watching as the planes hit the towers. grrrrrr.

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