shifting gears and changing lanes

last night, i saw the send-off/farewell concert of the Manila Chamber Singers at the manila peninsula. they will be in europe for two months leaving on wednesday to participate in several choral festivals and competitions. they were all singing in “tour” mode. husay! swabe! can’t believe i was once singing on stage with this group. [yup! you heard/read that right!] almost a year ago, i was a very active member of this choir and have joined them already in several tours and in one competition. unfortunately i could no longer handle the responsibility of studying dozens of pages of music sheets and going home late from rehearsals while having other bigger priorities… work, family and my girlfriend. i must say, nainggit ako sa kanila for having that opportunity to tour europe and represent not only our country but also the rest of asia. but i had to make a choice. it’s how much you wanted things to happen, and you can never have everything go your way. someday i wish to sing again with this very dynamic and fantastic group of people. i just dont know how and when will that be. i was with other “prodigal sons and daughters” last night to bid them farewell and wish them the best of luck.

“As long as I have music, as long as there’s a song for me to sing… I can find my way, I can see a brighter day. The music in my life will set my spirit free.”

Bush, Bin Laden and Ramos

i was all over michael moore’s [fahrenheit 9/11] web site checking out interesting facts and notes about his award winning documentary when i came accross an entry about the Carlyle Group, a private equity fund where George HW Bush and the Bin Laden’s have miliions of dollars in investments . then i remember that i have once read about this carlyle thing in some local paper and it’s was about former president Ramos, so i did a google search on this keywords “carlyle group” +ramos and bingo, our former leader is a part of the New World Order! (see this Meet the Carlyle Group). it may also be interesting if not freaky to know that the carlyle group was holding its annual investor conference on the morning of 9/11, George HW Bush and Shafiq bin Lades, Osama’s half-brother were all together in one room, watching as the planes hit the towers. grrrrrr.

petals around the rose

my friend ed sent me a brain twisting game kanina. it’s called “petals around the rose

if your in for a good mind torture, and have plenty of time in your hands you should try this game.

here’s what they have to say about the game.

  • the smarter you are, the longer it will take for you to figure it out
  • it took bill gates 2 and a half hours to figure it out in 1977
  • solve this challenge, and you become a Potentate of the Rose, qualified to become a member of the Fraternity of Petals Around the Rose
  • Members have pledged never to divulge the secret of the game to anyone else

Are you up to the challenge?

it took me almost 3 hours, [doesn’t necessarily mean that im as smart as bill gates]


brownout dito sa office, wala ako magawa. wala na rin aircon, huhuhu =( pauwiin nyo na lang kami!!!

monitor off

my cool new superhero ===> kill bill!!!!

For years now Linux has fought the good fight in the OS war, only to be thwarted time and time again by their arch nemesis: Microsoft. After numerous strategic attacks resulted in failure, the Linux community realized they had to take extreme measures to avoid extinction. Their last hope for survival was devised, a prophecy was told, a solution presented, the last line of defense: Kill Bill.

kill bill penguin

say cheese, see chesse

ugh, =)
camera capsuleThe M2A capsule (photo), consists of a microchip camera and light-emitting diodes that act as a flash, as well as Zarlink’s RF transmitter chip, antenna and two silver- oxide batteries. It is swallowed by the patient and then passes naturally through the digestive tract. The camera’s images are relayed by the RF transmitter to a data recorder in a belt worn by the patient, who is free to continue with normal daily activities throughout the exam.

testimonial on farenheit 9/11

just finished a conversation with ck on ym, nasaan na daw yung testimonial ko sa kanya sa friendster. i have been trying to finish drafts of all my testimonials for most of my friends in friendster for quite some time now. medyo tinatamad lang ako magpost sa friendster kasi napaka buggy nya lately. i promised i’ll post her testimonial within the week =)

before ck got online, i was checking for those who do not know who michael moore is, he made a documentary a few years back called “Bowling for Columbine”. that docu eventually won him an oscar and made him in/famous when he swore “Shame on you Mr. Bush” as he accepted the award. BfC was one of the few documentaries that i really enjoyed and at the same time knockeded the senses off of me. His latest film “Farenheit 9/11” won the Palm D’Or in Cannes. i hope i could see this film.

1st real entry

finally, my very own blog!!! after months of delay/abandonment/being cast aside. eto na sya. i just regret that there were so many things that moved/inspired/roused/uninspired me the past seven months worthy to be shared here… xmas 2003, lovapalooza, gleepol grandslam, gallera and marinduque trips, election, driving lessons, etc… sayang! di bale, dami pang mangyayari. this website kasi was supposed to be a bday gift to myself eh. medyo nalimutan ko na sya, sayang yung hosting fee na binabayaran ko. hopefully, i’ll finish this whole site soon. i’ve finished two sections na… photo gallery and this blog. anyway share ko na lang tong pic na ‘to, hehehe cute namin dito ng baby ko. this was taken last april 30, along the shores of “R” Hideaway, Boac, Marinduque.


7 months late webby

got this image using my phone from the 2003 philippine web awards. uploaded via email-mms. this was supposed to be my very first test entry in this moblog… hehe, natabunan na ng work at kung anu-ano, so i forgot all about it until recently, when i was considering starting my own blog. only got it working after 7 months hahaha.

webby awards night

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